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About Hutton

About Hutton Communications

About Hutton Communications

Hutton Communications, Inc., headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is proud to be celebrating 50 years of dedicated service as a wholesale distributor of wireless communications equipment. For the last five decades, Hutton has served cellular and radio communications dealers, wireless communications carriers, and self-maintained end users of communications systems. In addition, as a distributor of approximately 100 product lines, Hutton provides its customers power systems solutions for emergency backup, alternative energy sources, and out-of-grid power requirements.

With experienced sales teams, strong technical expertise, and rapid deployment, Hutton provides local support and timely delivery to customer locations.

Unmatched Menu of Wireless Services

Hutton offers access to the products and components required to configure customers’ tailor-made wireless solutions. From product procurement to network planning, training, site kitting, configuration, testing and final mile delivery, Hutton boasts a menu of services that is unmatched in the commercial wireless communications distribution industry.

Why Choose Hutton?

1. What we distribute: Our extensive product offering

Hutton provides convenience and reduces procurement costs by providing a one-stop, one-order resource for a wide range of wireless products and systems from over 100 premier manufacturers.

2. How we add value: Hutton's distribution services

At Hutton, the benefit of distribution encompasses much more than getting products from point A to point B. Rely on us for our many value-added services that effectively tailor our capabilities to your requirements, thereby saving you time, money, and effort.

3. Who we are: Your wireless product experts!

We are Hutton Communications, Inc., veteran distributor for 50 years. Hutton is our people and their ideas, knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment to do what it takes to ensure your success. Find out how our Wireless Engineers can help you make the implementation of your wireless network as effortless as you hoped it would be!

Put us to work for you! Contact a representative or, use 24/7.

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Hutton is a proud stocking distributor of over 100 manufacturers & suppliers.


Hutton delivers products & solutions to multiple different vertical markets including Public Safety, Oil & Gas,
In-Building DAS and more.


Learn about the innovative solutions that are offered exclusively through Hutton Communications!